nothing is saving to the cmos

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Feb 21, 2005
  1. I have a computer that keeps restating so i went into the bios and noticed a power option that that said to turn off the comp if it has an ac power disruption. So i changed that to the option to stay on. It still restarts and when i restarts it says "cmos error " and when u go back into the bios it immediatly has the option set to turn off again.... ive tried a new battery for the cmos and it didnt do nething so any help or sugestions would be appreciated.

  2. black9

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    I don't know for sure what it could be but as a suggestion you might want to check if there is a jumper next to the battery that you normally use to reset the cmos. Maybe the jumper could be on reset mode and not put back to normal? just a thought. (jumper should be a little plastic thing that sets on 2 pins and can slip off) or at least that's how mine is on my Abit board
  3. mockzero5

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    well i tried that and still it does the same thing... the hting is it starts just fine but then just shuts down toally cutting power for no reason then starts up again showing the error on the boot screen... if it can start windows just fine i dont think the whole motherboard would be bad ???? but what else could it be ??
  4. black9

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    hmmmm I really don't know :(
  5. Charles Hammond

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    Some Motherboards have this built into them as an option for Overclocking. It may be a sign that something is overheating. I have seen it advertised. There may be a way to turn it off in the BIOS. The option is to set the system back to the safe default after rebooting. It might be possible to turn it off.
  6. mockzero5

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    well i checked and theres nothing that has ne relation to that and i doubt it has any kind of overheating control on it anyway because it's a cheap *** e-machine i bought 128 megs of ram for it and it wont even post when u put the ram in, i know the ram is good becuz i just bought it and i know its the right kind and all but im hoping maybe ill just give it back to the guy and it wont do it because it never did it to him mabe my outlets here are justa a POS and his arent.... who knows

    Thx for all the help though i do apreciat it. Mock
  7. Eddy Rassy

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    You may have the same problem as my son's PC. It kept on shutting down and sometimes rebooting by itself. We kept taking it back to Best Buy and everytime they charged us money for it ($210 total) Until finally I discovered myself that the ULTRA memory (256MB) had 28000 errors in it. I verified that by putting the same memory in my own computer and then it started doing the same thing on my computer, shutting down for no reason.
    Emachines and ULTRA produce and sell the worst quality products and they have the worst service and the worst customer support.
    Try changing the memory and let me know if it works.
  8. Tedster

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    could be something simple like your CMOS battery is dead. replace the battery.
  9. Eddy Rassy

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    Have you checked the Power Supply to see if the fan is turning all the time?
    Emachines use a very cheap 250 watts power supply, hardly enough power to run the MB that comes with it and the associated hardware. If you have added any new component to your PC such as DVD ROM, then the Power Supply does not have enough power to run. It will overheat and the fan will fail, but because it has overtemperature protection, it will shut down soon after it starts
    Check the power supply. See if the fan is turning. If not, replace the power supply. It is a little over $30. Get 400 watts power supply
  10. mockzero5

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    well i toally forgot when i first got i installed an ethernet card and as soon as i took that out it seems to do just fine, it only has 128 megs of sdram so i took the liberty of ordering some for it but as soon as i put that in it woudltn start, I guess the hting just rejects all hardware put into it. I started noticing a pattern it seemed every time i got on the interet or did nething network related it would shut down so thats when i got the idea to take out the ethernet card and now it seems pretty happy,

    I will never fix another e-machine again !!!!!!!! BTW ne1 want to buy 128 megs of SDRAM ram ??????

    and THX !! for all the help though i appreciat it I was about to throw the thing out the window, or make a cat house out of it :)
  11. gasstronamicle

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    you should also check the jumpers on your motherboard.
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