Ntoskrnl.exe problem

By Aston467
Jun 10, 2008
  1. hiya guys,

    I have recently purchased a HP Pavilion DV2000. I got it in Jan this year only to try to turn it on one morning and failing. I entered my pass word and it looked as if it was about to bring me to the desk top which it never did. I did a system restore to a few weeks prior and it let me onto the dektop.

    I then tried to access MSN messenger and everything I had running in the background had (not responding) by it. I un-installed MSN and re-installed but only to find the same problem, I firstly thought it was just MSN. I did a AVG check and it came up with ntoskrnl.exe (change/infected).

    If I leave my laptop alone and running for more than 10 minutes then everything running has (not responding) by it but if i keep moving the mouse the laptop runs until I stop, MSN still wont open without crashing my laptop.

    Has anyone had this problem before or knows of anyone who has had this problem. A full system restore is not an option as I didnt get any recovery disks with the laptop. Any further advise would be much appreciated.

    many thanks

  2. LookinAround

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    A few things

    1. Did you just buy it new from HP in January? I believe all their systems come with 1 year of phone support
    2. You may not have the recovery disks but you should have a "recovery partition" on your hard drive. This is a special "hidden" area that contains everything you need to do a recovery
    3. You can get alot of info (including instructions on how to use the recovery partition) on HP's website. Got to www.hp.com, click the button for Support, then enter your model number
    4. You'll also find on HP's site instructions on how to create your own recovery disks from their recovery partition! You should do this once you get your machine working as the recovery partition is only useful if the problem you have doesn't affect the hard drive itself!
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