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Nvidia 4400 fps problme

By zevel80300
Apr 21, 2007
  1. hi guys
    well i have this video card (nvidia 4400) for some time now (like 3 years)once in a while i get problems in counter strike (half life game for the network)

    usually i reformat my hard drive or run some cleaning program like ccleaner to
    fix my registry.

    this time i'm lost - i had problem in the game (counter strike) than i reformat my hard drive now usually after that everything will work smooth (100 stable fps) but this time it doesnt -- i run registry mechanics and ccleaner and defragment my hard drive
    but nothing do it - I get fps between 50 to 95 that is so unstable i can barely read it (while in the game you can see the fps on the right hand side) and all i can see is the first digit so i know its between 50 to 95.

    any guess guys?

    thanks in advanced
    desperate guy
  2. shuggyboi

    shuggyboi TS Rookie


    Hey Zevel,

    You should try updating your graphics card driver. Take a trip to nVidia's Website (www.nvidia.com :p ) then click on download drivers, then go through the different selections to find the right driver for your card.

    Updating drivers is really important - i've had many bad experiences in the past with old drivers :dead:
  3. zevel80300

    zevel80300 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well man i did before you ask for it
    i do have the latest driver
    any guess guys?
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