Nvidia 6600 PCIE Black Screen

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Jul 16, 2007
  1. Hello ive been using a PCI Nvidia 6600 and recently it has been bugging up, It first started one day when i tried to play a game i turned on the game and everything looked garbled and distorted so i assumed it to be a graphic card problem. I just now tried to play the game with integrated graphics so i pulled out my graphic card and am using an older monitor that would fit the built in monitor outlet on the back of my computer and everything seems to work fine, except games and anything that requires a graphic card.

    So heres the problem If i plug in my monitor (A flatscreen with the plugs that fit into the graphic card) the computer goes through startup and everything fine but when the Windows XP scene comes up at start up after that the screen goes black and im starting to think its a hardware problem but i would really appreciate it if i could figure this out not being a hardware problem but anyways if you think you can help me out it will be appreciated thx.
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  3. pdyckman@comcas

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    I think that you need a new graphics card.Good Luck.
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    u might also get new drivers that could be the problem.
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    I think it might be the driver too. If it was the card, it shouldn't work when it first posts. Before Windows starts up, the system is using a basic driver from the BIOS. At least that works.

    Try booting into Safe Mode. If you get a picture, Windows generic driver is working and it would seem your graphics card is okay. Uninstall the old graphics card driver, restart and reinstall your card's graphic driver. I recommend downloading and installing the newest driver available.
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    you can try reinstalling the software but i just fixed a computer with this problem i spent about 15h runing down difrent drivers and settings i ended up replacing the card witch leads me to beleve that is was the gpu on the card that had went out .... after 5 difrent drivers for the card i have a hard time thinking it was the drivers after that
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