Nvidia CEO: ARM will be the most important CPU architecture


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Personal computers are going mobile, and Nvidia knows it. In fact, the hardware company is banking on ARM becoming the most important microprocessor architecture of the future, saying that smartphones based on ARM will one day make x86-based systems obsolete. "The PC of the future will be made by new OEMs, sold through new distributors and use a new instruction-set architecture," Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang told EE times. "ARM will be the most important CPU architecture of the future, and ...

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I agree, but only in a relative distant future when will have ARM multicore processors and a suitable operating system to compete Windows based x86 systems.And then they should have games working on that system!


Of course NV is gonna say this because the way its looking right now they are gonna be ****ed!

They have no X86 license and intel doesn't look to be giving them one anytime soon, Both AMD and intel are going in the direction of fusion like products based on both a X86 core and GPU.

NV only have GPU's and cuda, so they have to look elsewhere. I don't want this to fail because it will foster competition in the market but the writing it clear on the wall.


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Nvidia makes good video cards still but this stuff lately has been a lot of talk with little to no game.


ARM is a very good processor; no doubt about that.
However, there is still the fact that compared to the giants of x86(-64), it fails. Why wouldn't ARM be dominating on the PC market--or at least be making an indent--if it really were better than x86(-64)?
ARM is a low-complexity low-power chip. It simply does not have the ability to outclass the x86(-64) CPU when it comes to general purpose.
The x86(-64)'s instruction set is much more general and powerful. They also have other things such as out-of-bounds instruction processing, which ARM doesn't have.

I have no idea why nVidia says this, but you can bet it's likely not about to come true.
PCs will always have the latest and greatest processors around. Other form factors may very well switch to ARM processors in the future, but not the powerful PC line. I very much doubt that.