Nvidia FX 5500 Out to CRT Television

By matchu
Nov 20, 2009
  1. Hello everyone =]

    My roommate and I decided to hook up an old pc to our TV (just for the heck of it). The system is an athlon 64 X2 running on 2GB RAM. The GPU is the FX 5500 and we've connected it to an old CRT television.

    Connection is: PC to S-video to S-Video/Composite Adapter to TV

    Problem? We can only get 800x600 resolution. There is an option for 1024x756, but when we select it, the resolution doesn't change (although the screen flickers as if the resolution is about to change). Has anyone had this problem before?

    This low resolution makes things really difficult to navigate through on the TV. You know.... not having enough screen size to work with.

    Any help would be appreciated ^^
  2. tabf0213

    tabf0213 TS Rookie

    accer monitor 2002 desktop

    Hi my monitor went black but the light blinks green all the time. I hooked up a new monitor to the same power supply and pc and it worked fine so I don't know what is going on help
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