Nvidia GeForce 6800 graphics card issues

By michu94043
Jul 15, 2007
  1. Hi i bought my graphics card about 6 months back and i've been having problems ever since i did. games like half-life and halo plus other 3-d games don't show all the 3-d. i bought my card from newegg and i still can have it replaced if it has issues. can someone help me? i've included a picture to show you what i'm talking about. thanks!

  2. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Posts: 1,687

    make sure you have the latest nVidia drivers and check your setting in the game, the wrong type of acceleration can cause things like this but i can't remember which one does it ;)
  3. michu94043

    michu94043 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok will do
    do i also have to change the acceleration from the nvidia control panel too?
    you know, where they have over riding presets for games such as halo and hl2.
  4. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Posts: 1,687

    i don't know because i don't use nvidia control panel but if you try changing between software and hardware acceleration in the game then it might sort it out

    i think the better one is software acceleration which should use direct x or open gl etc

    if there's a setting for software or hardware acceleration in the nvidia control panel then see if the hardware acceleration slider is all the way up and if there's an override setting it couldn't hurt to try me thinks ;)
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