Nvidia Reflex Tested: Low Latency Revolution?


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About time They caught up with AMD with its Radeon Anti Lag
Took them over a year.
But some of the graphs are very misleading and if true would see us getting 30% more frames. They need to stop people are not stupid.
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Just look at the latency gains on the right.
Looks like nonsense to me
I don't see the contradiction. Both are measuring "input latency", which has nothing to do with "frames per second", it just shows how quickly the system would react to your inputs (mouse, keyboard, controller, whatever).

Why wouldn't it be possible in certain (!) scenarios to have a much improved latency? That's exactly what this technology is for. It is not a silver bullet, but in some cases, helps.
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Just look at the latency gains on the right.
Looks like nonsense to me
Both are supposed to work best in a GPU bound scenario which you have on the right but not the left.
Also keep in mind that if the game is specifically updated to use Reflex, results are probably better than for a general anti lag feature that does not require specific coding. Could also be that the mouse and keyboard with Reflex support could have played a part.



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GamersNexus came to the conclusion that this technology is only really beneficial if you are GPU bound.

"If the ecosystem continues to grow and Reflex becomes a key feature in most competitive titles"

In competitive titles is where it provides the least benefit. In fact gamersnexus demonstrated that in competitive titles an uncapped FPS still provided a lower latency than with reflex enabled.

In essence this technology is only beneficial to those who like to run at higher resolutions / settings.

This is a nice to have but given the limited number of games and that it only benefits a limited number of users, I can't say this is even a point worth mentioning when debating which video card you should buy.


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Can you include an article that actually measures frame-rates? Total System Latency only quantifies a single aspect of the total time to draw a frame ( and may not matter, except for the truly hardcore.)

If we are not seeing a framerate increase, then it's going to be very hard to justify this feature's existence.


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No benchmarks for older games. I'd be interested how much a dual-RTX-3090 setup with Reflex On reduces latency in Tetris (the original one with 80x25 characters in text mode). Also, can I make it faster by adding two more RTX-3090? Is it maybe faster with Radeon 6000 series? This is really mission critical for my everyday job as a night-watch warehouse security officer.
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