Nvidia suffers two-percent yield on GT300

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Sep 15, 2009
  1. Yield is one key factor that affects hardware prices and availability -- yet, many overlook it. Manufacturing high-tech silicon isn't perfect, and a lot of material is wasted on failures. Nvidia knows this all too well, with a recent report showing that the GT300 has a yield below two-percent. That is a terrible success rate; one significantly below what most chip companies expect when fabricating new parts.

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  2. keep in mind that this rumor was started by screw boy Charlie. The same loser that started the bogus apple rumor. Charlie holds sept puts on nvda and is desperate to save his ***
  3. if you look at all the massive December calls being purchased after this false rumor by charlie you know the screws are trying to get into nvda cheap befopre the 300 comes out
  4. don't you love it how these 3rd rate web sites team up with screwish Charlie to spread his bogus rumors?
  5. red1776

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    horrible yields not only with the 300 series but the 200 series have been being reported by many sources. and you might notice that he inserted " but if these reports are true"

    I think what is third rate are people who anonymously pop off and dont add anything intelligent to the conversation.
  6. Vrmithrax

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    Posting "facts" about a technically questionable translated blog is bad enough. But it's also (if you dig into the original report) about the very first batch of silicon. Anyone actually IN the industry knows that the first full batch is always rife with issues, finds the flaws in the process that need to be ironed out, and is more of a learning tool than a full-on production environment. Hell, in the early days of my old company, a 2% yield on the first-off batch would have been cause for celebration! Granted, things have improved these days, but when you are trying to cram more and more super-fine circuitry onto the silicon, you find that infinitesimal flaws in the procedure become massively inflated in the end product.
    So c'mon, Techspot, don't give these premature doomsayers and sensationalist propoganda rectums any more attention than they already have. I mean, as was already pointed out, this "journalist" has a less than stellar reputation for past accuracy.
  7. Captain828

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    Uhm... guys... this is an nVidia article written by Charlie Demerjian. Nuff said.
  8. Julio Franco

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    By popular demand we won't be covering more stories from this semi-website ;)
  9. forget charlie and his crazy stories, the point is that nvidia is another company just like intel...there prices are ridiculously high and these are the companys i dont want to put my money into.....even tho the 5870 will have huge performance they still wont charge you riduclous amounts of money for there products even tho nvidia wont be able to challenge them until they unveil gt300 core.

    if this was the otherway around and nvidia put out parts before amd they would charge you stupid amounts of money, amd doesnt do that and thats a company which puts customer first and gets my respect.

    intel put's stupid prices one there cpu's and nvidia does the same with gpu's

    if it was just nvidia and no ati you would be paying in the thousand dollar mark for gpus

    but if there was no nvidia amd wouldnt do the same.

    nvidia is just a greedy company and i would care if they went bankrupt and you guys are mugs for buying there products.
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