Nvidia: we are building custom ARM-based CPU cores


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Nvidia has announced that it plans to build high-performance ARM-based CPU cores for products ranging from personal computers and servers to workstations and supercomputers. In other words, you'll soon see an Nvidia CPU running the ARM instruction set that is fully integrated on the same chip as the Nvidia GPU.

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any word on how far out this is?
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This is great news. This is exciting. Since Windows 8 will be running on ARM... I'm very happy an avenue has opened up for Nvidia and the processor market is heating up... err in a good way...

I'm sure this is quite far out... into the 2012 at least because windows 8 and well the development time for new hardware is far more longer than video game development except for if you consider how long Duke Nukem has been under dev =P

I'm sure Nvidia has been working unofficially from the day they announced they were getting into CPUs. before they announced Tegra but yeah I imagine they will want to have something ready for even testing period of when Windows 8 tips up in Alpha and Beta... but final projects soon after launch is my guess...