oc p4p800se w/p4 2.8 533fsb

By chrissof · 7 replies
Dec 3, 2006
  1. hi all you tweakers around the globe.
    have a question on my machine,overclocking till crash...
    have I reached the max or is there a way to get even higher clocks?
    my asus p4p800se mobo with p4 2.8(nw) is able to reach a speed of 3,214GHz with raising the fsb to 153MHz.any faster fsb leads to slowing pc down or crashing.I have already tried increasing the vcore,only leads to black screen on post and shutting the machine down(luckily the mobo is auto resetting to default).
    my cooler is an arctic cooler freezer 7 with arctic silver paste.
    psu is enermax 350 watt,grafix done by an asus x800pro@xt,
    ram is kingston value2x512dc (best stable timings is 2,5/4/4/6 with a ratio of 1:1)
    had the machine running at faster timings(2,0/3/3/5) - leads to crash....
    is there anything I might try to get it "faster *****cat kill kill"?
    or is this it?
    yes I know my stuff is kind of old school,still it does the job...and my job didn`t make me a millionaire,have to get along with my hardware a little longer...
    thanx for replies
  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    the only other way of speeding up the cpu further is by increasing its multiplier, which may not be possible. in the bios go into jumperfree configuration. almost always users cannot change the multipliers of thier pentium 4's because they all use fixed multipliers.
  3. chrissof

    chrissof TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 59

    thanx zephead for your reply.
    too bad,can`t change multiplier,so no higher speeds coming from my cpu...
    weep weep
  4. howdyhowy

    howdyhowy TS Enthusiast Posts: 29

    Seen your post a little late,but look at my gallery..I have the same mobo but my cpu is a prescott,2.4..I say where there is a will IS a way..Tell me what you think..My memory speed is 2.5,4,4,8 and at standard speed they are corsairsXMS400's.Been running it for 1.5 years with 3.4mhz.And set at 266mhz,that is the memory speed.By the way I have a 850xt now which does just fine:) I have a little fan blowing at the regulators on the left side of cpu to cool them down and also cooler fins stuck on them just to make sure they dont over heat,that could be your problem though.
  5. MetalX

    MetalX TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,388

    Do you have a PCI/AGP lock? If you do, turn it on, and if you don't, the lack thereof will be severly limiting your overclocking ability.
  6. chrissof

    chrissof TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 59

    Hi Metalx.Do I find that agp/pci lock in my bios settings?Haven´t seen a button like that one so far,will do some research....
  7. chrissof

    chrissof TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 59

    Hi howdyhowy.answering to your reply a little late....x-mas took all my time...
    that sounds like a really nice overclock to me...using "clock-gen" gave me the ability to overclock my pc to 3.3GHz(while in windows os) with ram timings of 2.5/2/2/4 but not really a stable system when I pushed even further....quess I´ve reached my machine`s max....
    have a nice new years eve and a happy 2007!
  8. MetalX

    MetalX TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,388

    Try reducing the RAM speed.
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