OCZ is axing 28% of its global workforce and 150 product variations


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Hoping to get OCZ back on track, newly appointed chief executive Ralph Schmitt has revealed plans to reduce costs and streamline the company's lineup. OCZ has repeatedly missed earnings expectations, including a $6.3 million loss in its first quarter that...

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I'm really worried about this :( OCZ makes awesome products. I would really not like to see their company dwindle away and not challenge the titans like Intel and Samsung


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Actually OCZ has a pretty bad track record with SSD reliability and it doesn't matter if their drives are cheaper because having a boot drive crap itself is huge pain in the ***. That's why the Corsair M4 and Samsung 830 are so highly recommended: they are reliable and are in the sweet spot for price vs. performance.


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I agree after dealing with unreliable Vertex and Vertex 2 drives this is not surprising. I was ready to give up on SSD's thinking they were all flaky till I went to Crucial M4 drive and saw how they are suppose to work. It has worked flawlessly and reliably since day one. I will never go back to OCZ and recommend all my friends to steer clear of them no matter how good they look on paper.