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Mar 8, 2006
  1. I returned my old card, and got a new card, because the old one was just not working with my motherboard. My new card is a Geforce 6800 GS. After installing it, everything was fine, and all of a sudden my monitor just changed colors for no reason. Anything that was blue just doesn't look like it's blue anymore, the colors are really screwed up now. I messed with my monitor for a long time, trying to get it back, and turning the blue all the way barely did anything. What exactly is wrong here? Is there any way to fix this? Also, yes, it is plugged in all the way.
  2. Nukey

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    Have you tried the monitor on another computer? that may be well worth the try. If it works then you have a graphics card problem. Other than that it's the monitor. By the sound of it the monitor has packed up. Is it a CRT or a flat panel? if its a CRT then yes its more than likely the monitor at fault.
  3. detrunks

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    nvidia setting

    most likley the colour correction setting is messed up. Access the nv panel, go to colour correction and make sure it is apllied to everything (not just desktp or overlay etc..) Obvioulsy, make sure the setting is correct! (choose default for starters)
  4. shem

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    Most likely a video card problem, swapped monitors, colors are still there, not color correction, I wish it was, the problem showed up before I installed any drivers. I'll give them a call tomorrow, and hope they can help.
  5. detrunks

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    lets us know what you find out!
  6. shem

    shem TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Fixed, I guess the vga port is messed or something, used the VGA to DVI adapter I got with the videocard, everything works normally now.
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