Odd DVD Drive Behaviour

By Electrick Gypsy
Sep 20, 2006
  1. While attempting to install Linux onto a seperate drive on my XP box the other day I came accross a very odd problem.

    Slipped my Fedora DVD into the drive and rebooted just fine.
    The opening screen loads without a problem but then it fails to read from that drive again. Same problem applies with Mandriva and Gentoo.

    System configuration is basically the same as when I built it 12 months ago.
    So I obviously got XP to install by booting from DVD.
    Any suggestions?
    BIOS Settings
    Primary Master - WD160
    Primary Slave - Seagate200
    Secondary Master - DVD/RW
    Secondary Slave - DVD
    Third Master - WD200
    Fourth Master - N/A

    1st Boot Device - WD160
    2nd Boot Device - DVD/RW
    3rd Boot Device - 1st Floppy
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