Oh-oh, CPU temperature just rising?

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Aug 8, 2006
  1. Hi all!

    Well, I finally built my first computer ever!!! Since I'm only 14-ish, I have lots of more time to learn and stuff, but this was REALLY fun.

    Anyways, small question here. First (I went with all stock, atleast for now), the thermal paste was pre-applied onto the heatsink for the processor, and it was covered. So I took the cover off and carefull put the heatsink on, locked it correctly and all, and then built everything else.

    Here comes the question... Once everything was done (well, other than hdd, dvd-rom and floppy drive), I hooked everything up and from the first time I hit the power switch everything ran. I went to "PC-Health" in the CMOS to monitor the temps (using an AM2 X2 3800+ with all stock) [with the side cover off]. Well, it was first at 47. Then it started moving from 47-48 and back. After that it went from 47-48 to 48-49. Back and forth. Later it went to 49-50 and the same thing, back and forth. After that I was satisfied and shut the pc off.

    What I'm asking is - is that normal? I didn't keep it on for long, so I don't know if it went up over 50. I'm fine with 50 (air conditioner is off, I'm sick :( - but when it's on, the temps will be lower), but I'm not so fine with the back and forth thing... Is it normal, will it stabilize? Or have I done something wrong?

  2. taylub

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    well on my pc unless i have my fans at 100 percent 24/7 it dose that so im not shur if its "normal" so to speak but i dont think you did anything wroung.

    you might just wanna make shur the thermal paste is applyed correctly ( just in case)
  3. agi_shi

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    Well, it was a pre-applied thermal pad (or thermal paste) to the heatsink, just the size of the processor die. So I'm pretty sure it's done correctly.

    Also, a few times it went from 48-49 to 47-48 again, but then it went up again... Oh well.
  4. kirock

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    Moving around a little in temperature is normal. Running an AM2 at 50C sounds a little hot to me. (especially at idle). I'll check around for the expected temp on theat new cpu. My socket 939 3500 runs at 30C idle and 48C under heavy load (for perspective).

    It could just be the stock cooler with the side panel off (no case fan helping it) is the cause, maybe put the side panel on and see if that helps.
    Edit: I can't find any actual temps posted for this cpu, yet. I know it was suppose to run cooler then a socket 939.
  5. agi_shi

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    Ahh, thanks! That made me feel better.

    I was worried about the back-n-forth part, not the temperature part. It's pretty hot in the kitchen here, since (1) it's the kitchen and (2) the air conditioner is off and (3) the side panel is off. I'm sick so I can't leave the air conditioner on, but when I do the temps will definately drop. Since the side panel is off, there is not so much air-flow from front to back. When I put it on the air won't escape to the side so it'll probably be better.

    I left the side panel off for now because I wanted to be sure all the fans started spinning and stuff... Well, once I totally finish (need to add floppy [which I just ordered, so I'm gonna have to wait :(], hdd, and dvd/cd-rom) I'll put the side panel back on.

    Thanks guys, I feel more confident now. See ya!
  6. agi_shi

    agi_shi TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 385


    Yeha, it's probably just the kitchen being hot. It's ~30C in the room itself, no wonder the cpu is hot (plus the side panel was off, too, which must've made it even worse).

    Oh well, we'll see in time...
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