OK huge issue with my sims 2 please read!

By Xclusiverudebwo
Aug 31, 2005
  1. Ok well i bin having a lot of pc problems crashing etc now i bin haveing the issue where my sims 2 was crashing giving me hardware malfunction error now i fixed that when i got my new nvida gefroce 8xagp 128 mb card yesterday now i get no more blue screen pc runs perfect just when i play my sims 2 with expansion it either cuts off by it self or application terminates here is the specs on my pc...

    Pentium 4 3.20 ghz

    windows xp pro sp2

    1 gig ram 2 stick of 512

    3 hard drives 250 gigs each

    cd burner dvd player.

    Pny nvida geforce 6200 128 mb 8xagp <brand new>

    Realtek sound card...

    And all updated drives..

    so please help if you got any suggestions i really need help with this.. :mad:
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