Okay where is my hammer!!!

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Jan 8, 2007
  1. I have been fighting with things dang computer for 4 days now and the computer is now winning AGAIN. The 1 st problem is that I changed a setting in the BIOS and now the computer turns on ( fan ) but the moniter will not. This only happened after I changed the boot up order in the bios. Now the moniter works if I connect it to a diffrent computer. The BIOS/motherboard I am using is an Amibios. Thank for your help in adavance I hope. Kory
  2. raybay

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    It should work in Safe Mode. If not, you have a serious problem.
    Do you get anything on the screen when your first push the "on" switch?
    Go back to the BIOS and reset everything to whatever your BIOS lists for normal or optimal.
    Got to Safe Mode, then click on Administrator.
  3. kory

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    Still Looking For The Hammer

    When I turn the power on the computer starts running and everything, expect the monitor does not turn on. The monitor works on a different computer still. I changed some settings nd now this happened? Is there anyway of setting my motherboard back to default even though I can't see it on the screen.
  4. raybay

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    To be clear, you get nothing on the screen when you first turn it on? No flash, so BIOS info?
    Have you tried clearing the BIOS, by removing the CMOS battery for four hours? Being aware that you will need to re-enter time, date, and other stuff.
    Have you tried removing or disconnecting all devices, so you are left with only a power supply, cpu and cpu fan, motherboard, floppy drive, and one memory module? Then boot to a floppy disc such as MS-DOS, W95, W98, or WMe.
    If you get nothing on the screen when you do this, you do have a serious issue.
  5. kory

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    nope not yet, but I will now. Thank you. I will take everything apart. This motherboard won't know what hit it. Thanks and I will let you know tomoorw what happens... Kory
  6. zephead

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    don't forget...you need a keyboard connected too!
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