Old files?

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I have somehow ended up with this older file in windows than should be C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\DDEML.DLL
When i start two windows come up asking me to ESC so windows can repair this old file .....so i reboot but i still get the same.

I think i have deleted somehow a newer version of this file and want to correct this.........not sure where to get this from and how to do this?

Also have installed word 2000 and help files are missing ......i think this may be linked.

much appreciated.


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Is it SYSTEM or SYSTEM32? What OS are you using? 2k? If it's 2k than I can send you my file, and you can replace it then reboot.


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Your answer has been found, I believe:


After you install a program, you may receive the following error message:

The following system files have been replaced with older versions by a program you recently ran. These files are currently in use and cannot be automatically repaired. Windows may not run correctly until you exit and restart Windows so that these files can be automatically repaired.
Note that the file name listed in this error message may be different on your computer. After you restart your computer, you may receive the error message again. Also, you may be unable to resolve this issue even if you rename the listed file and then extract a new copy of the file from the original installation media.
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