Olympics - New World Record for Usain Bolt

By tw0rld
Aug 20, 2008
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  1. Bolt Breaks Michael Johnson's World record of 19.32Sec with a blistering time of 19.30 Sec. This completes the double for bolt, and have made him the first since Carl Lewis to to do so. Bolt also accomplished something that no other have. he is the first to complete the double with world record time in both events. His performance was truly superb. To see it go here:
  2. captaincranky

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    Well Yeah But.........,

    I live in the inner city, and all I have to do to catch the "trash talking egomaniac show", is simply walk out my front door. To me, sprinters seem to be the people I'd least like to spend time with.
    I don't know whether the athletes in other events are simply coached better as to what to say to the press, but they certainly are a whole lot easier to listen to in their interviews.
    Speed of foot seems more about being genetically gifted than about applying intellect alongside athletic ability, as one might in almost any other discipline.

    All that being said, yes it certainly was an impressive performance, and into a headwind, no less.

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