Onboard audio card quit working on xp part of dual boot system

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Apr 14, 2004
  1. I have a win98/xp dual boot computer with onboard via ac'97 sound. the sound stopped working in the xp portion only after working for 9 months. I checked devices and all are fine. The audio setup in control panel does not show a sound card existing. I tried uninstalling and xp detects the sound card without a problem. I tried original system drivers as well as updated drivers with no success. I also stopped all non critical services, but audio control still says there is no sound card. Any ideas?
  2. BloodRaven

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    yes ive had a dual boot with xp/98 before too and all it did was cause me problems. i dont know but for some reason with my experiance those two os dont go good together. so your aying that the sound works on the win98 part? hmm, maybe try a pci sound card and see what happens
  3. young&wild

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    I know this might sound crazy...try to check if the onboard soundcard has been enabled properly.
  4. Masque

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    I've seen systems in the past where the first operating system that was booted into held onto the card (in my case a NIC) and would not let go of the resources....it was physically locked out unless the system was shut all the way down. If you simply rebooted into the other O/S it wouldn't work. Hope this gives you a bit to work with.
  5. jcmattern

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    Thanks Masque, I did not think to just simply turn it off, but it corrects the problem. I tried going back to 98 again and sure enough it does not free the sound card when switching back to xp.
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