One computer on my wireless network is suddenly browsing slow?

By Zeox
Apr 9, 2010
  1. Basically, my computer is linked to the internet via a wireless router and has all of a sudden become really slow at browsing. There are 2 other computers connected to the network in this house and one more that is linked to the router. All 3 of these computers are fine and have no problems at all.

    I used to have no trouble browsing, but things have become so slow lately that I get constant disconnects from Windows Live Messenger, Facebook struggles to load, I can't even use YouTube anymore... Yet all of the other computers are fine. I did upgrade to Windows 7 5 months or so back and I replaced the network card in this PC a couple of months ago, but its only been since last week that I've been having these problems.
    I have always had a decent 3-4 bars on the network signal icon, but this sometimes drops to 2 bars - which it never used to do. What makes it more suspicious is that the router is only in the room next door and I have a long range adaptor...
    The last time I had a disconnect on the computer, I switched to my phone's Wi-Fi, and it couldn't find the router for a while. Yet all the other computers are working fine still.

    Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem? I'm very capable with computers in general and I have kept this machine in very good working order, so I'm sure it's not a virus and I wouldn't have thought it to be a registry corruption or anything like that, but this really has me stumped...

    Thanks for any help :)
  2. tipstir

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    Download and install the free copy of IOBIT Advance System Care. Once install it will start scanning for stuff then you click on repair and it will backup files then clean and fix. There are two buttons. One on the top and the one on the right. Need to run. If you install and run it, report back on it's findings.

    Rule #1 Check system out
    Rule #2 Check to see if Windows 7 update re-patch your wireless driver lately
    Rule #3 Disable onboard Wireless and use USB wireless adapter and see what you get

    Rule 1 and 3 should done. 3 is if the other two rules didn't show anything different?

    Router brand, firmware check, an etc.?
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