Online games are glitching all the time

By amandooooo
Jan 23, 2011
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  1. i hope someone can help me figure this out, i'm not completly computer illiterate. but i'm can't figure out when I play online games like zuma blitz it glitches and freezes up alot on me. tried the forum for this and they recommended upgrading my nvidia, did that and my adobe but its still no help i hope someone here knows what to do.
  2. md202000

    md202000 TS Rookie

    Try closing other programs you may have open at the same time -- I've had it happen to me as well, It worked great after I closed whatever resource intensive apps I had running at the time and restarted my browser.
  3. idude

    idude TS Rookie

    Could be your video card..

    What you got?
  4. sharkcrush

    sharkcrush TS Rookie

    try closing any program which use net connect or try updating network drivers and graphic drivers from their site

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