Oppo's Find 7 smartphone debuts with world's first 5.5-inch Quad HD display, can snap 50MP images

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Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo is making waves today with a new handset known as the Find 7. The 5.5-inch device may not look overly impressive at first glance but don't dismiss it just yet as there's plenty under the hood...

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Wow, QHD is bit of overkill for a screen that size, but if the battery life is ok why not... I wish they would concentrate on getting more laptops with QHD screens...


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By snapping 10 pictures in rapid succession and selecting the best four, the software can automatically combine them to create a 50-megapixel “Super Zoom” image.
so if another manufacturer would utilize the same technology and combine the best 8 pictures, can a 100-megapixel "super zoom" image be created?

anyone with background in photography (or anyone who understand image processing): is this similar to the tech used in nokia's pure view technology?
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At first I wanted to condemn this thing for being a damn huge phone and borderline tablet. It won't fit into any of my built in cell pockets in my pants/shorts and I wouldn't want to feel this large object attached to my belt all day.
Then I looked at the specs.