Outlook Express and Earthlink Webmail not compatible.

By ddeagles
Dec 27, 2004
  1. I my earthlink email to my Outlook Express 6.0.2 Now I can get the emails at Outlook Express however, I keep getting notices that the Earthlink mailbox is nearly full. I signed on and found that the emails are still downloading showing up in Webmail Inbox. How do I stop that from happening. I want Outlook Express to be the only email program I use. I do not have the time to go the Earthlink WebMail sign in to email and delete the emails. I have reconfigured the account on my Outlook Express yet the problem same exists. Has anyone else had this promblem?

  2. RankAmateur

    RankAmateur TS Rookie

    :wave: hello and thanks for allowing me to be apart of this community.

    :blackeye/B][/B]I have tried everything short of throwing the pc in my lake which I very well might do.
    Eartlink was contacted about this and of course I was dealing with someone with few english skills,anywho they gave me a site which I had already gone to that stated I had to change configuration for their authentication.
    Now you may have better luck than I but after following these instructions I had no better luck at sending email why they even rejected mail to themselves.
    Perhaps what may happen is after a hundred thousand prepay customers drop them like a rock they will correct this who knows.
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