Outlook is sending information on read emails and I want it to stop

By Gibbon22
Nov 28, 2007
  1. My company is using Salesforce, which is great, but it logs information on when emails are read. I want to stop it from doing that. What happens is this: an email is created from inside the system, sent to someone, and whenever the recipient accesses that email, it is realtime updated in the record that sent the email. This is not a function of Outlook's Read Receipt. I have read receipts turned off in my Outlook. I am wondering if anyone knows how this information is being gathered, and how I can stop it on my system.
  2. jobeard

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    Outlook or Outlook Express and which version?

    please update your system specs so we have the OS info :)

    For Outlook 2007, found this
    E-mail remains one of the primary ways in which people collaborate and communicate when creating documents or information. Users can automatically receive e-mail notifications when workflow tasks are completed or are awaiting their action. With advanced workflow integration, users can also initiate and complete workflow tasks from within their Outlook e-mail. This capability makes it easy for people to participate in workflow using their familiar Office applications​

    in this document
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