Ouya encouraging developers to use Kickstarter to their advantage

Shawn Knight

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Last year’s Kickstarter starlet Ouya is once again planning to use the crowdfunded site to its advantage. This time around, however, the company is encouraging developers to launch their own campaigns to fund games for the Android-based console with plenty...

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Nice to see that they aren't just going to "take the money and run" as many of the anti-OUYA doomsayers liked to predict. I'd say putting 10% of what you got on Kickstarter aside to help incentivize further development for your platform shows a definite dedication to the product and hope for the future. Little bickers aside (and if you ignore the "it sucks" reports that are often from people who have never even touched the console), what the OUYA really needs is a few "must have" games or apps to ensure it survives through the first refresh cycle. If it can keep some momentum going, and get a nice hardware bump (Tegra4 hopefully?), it may stand a chance of surviving as the big next gen consoles launch and eclipse that tiny little cube.


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I've been thinking for a few weeks wether to get an OUYA or not, I would mainly use it for emulation. But I definitely think OUYA is a legit business and they really care about their ecosystem and customers. They are trying to disrupt an industry that already has huge players and that is very costly to get in the fight. From what I've read OUYA is far from perfect in its current state but it's getting better and maybe their current gen console will not be huge but I would be surprised if in the next few years they don't find their place in the gaming industry.


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Its a very cool concept, I actually want this thing to succeed for all the smaller developers out there to grow and make games for a device like this. If it really takes off, then the device will really make the world of gaming shake.