Overclocking p4 2.4B

By fors
Jul 21, 2004
  1. Hello,

    I have been overclocking now for a while but can't get my p4 2.4 higher than 2.7ghz when i set it to for ex 2.8 or even 2.75ghz
    it boots normally but when i for example try to load 3dmark 2k3, it loads for 3/4 and then gives a file error.

    file ^%#^@^.mb or something is corrupt.

    i have tried many things like lowering mem clock cause i thought it was my memory didnt help. havent tried highering mem timings but were on defaults when i first tried and one optimized settings when i tried again no differences. someone told me its a harddisk failure

    hmm was hoping one of u guys could help me out on this cause it doesnt get to hot even @ highest voltage (1.8) it doesnt get to hot. and yes its on asynchronous :))

    my harddisk is a maxtor 60gig 7200rpm 2mb cache
    mem : 512 ( mem timings 2 2 2 5 ) stable had them on 2 3 3 6 (spd) when ocing higher then 2.7

    video card went from 275 to 344 and 270 to 300 without artifacts

    greetz fors
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    Is the PCI bus speed locked or relative to FSB? If it increases with FSB, it might be too much for IDE controller and causes data corruption.
  4. fors

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    how can i check and how can let them run asynchronous
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