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By hynesy ยท 8 replies
Jul 28, 2006
  1. Hey,
    I was just wondering what would be the best processor in terms of overclocking and temperaure after overclocking??
  2. Chris 96 WS6

    Chris 96 WS6 TS Rookie Posts: 28

    I'd be interested in some basic overclocking info too. I have a 2.2G P4 Northwood that I have read is excellent for overclocking because of its lower voltage....keeps cooler when overclocked.

    I have an ASUS board which I can overclock from the BIOS. I tried running the FSB from 400 to 533 but I get a BIOS error and have to go in and reset it back down.

    Sorry for the mini-thread hijack. But yes, some thoughts on overclocking would be helpful.
  3. nickslick74

    nickslick74 TS Rookie Posts: 575

    Righ now the Pentium 805D is a pretty hot little chip to overclock. Comes stock at 2.66 and can get up to about 3.6 on air with a decent cooler and 4.1+ on liquid. Most of the overclock can be done with the multipier, though some voltage adjustment is needed to acheive the higher speeds.

  4. Chris 96 WS6

    Chris 96 WS6 TS Rookie Posts: 28

    When you increase FSB speed do you need to increase CPU voltage too or does that occur automatically? Meaning, does the overclocked CPU just draw more voltage or do you have to manaully set the new voltage, and how do you know how much to give it?
  5. nickslick74

    nickslick74 TS Rookie Posts: 575

    You need to adjust the voltage manually (unless you have a mobo that has an auto overclock feature, in that case it may do it automatically). This is usually done via trial and error and in very small increments. If you are not experienced with this or don't have good help I wouldn't try this. If you read the article I believe THG goes into when/how to increase the voltage after increasing the FSB multiplier.
  6. Mirob

    Mirob TechSpot Paladin Posts: 476

    Low end chips usually overclock the most. High end chips are already close to the limit. 939 Opterons have been very good overclockers. The new Core 2 Duos seem to overclock very far with stock voltage and work with up to 1.5v from the stock 1.3. I've seen the 1.87ghz E6300 at 3.5ghz. I home mine will do 3.0. It will be here Monday!
  7. KingCody

    KingCody TS Evangelist Posts: 992   +8

    make sure you lock the PCI/AGP/PCI-E bus, otherwise you won't be able to clock very far.

    also, unless you're using DDR533 or higher, the RAM probably can't handle the higher speed. this is when you have to use a memory divider to run the RAM closer to DDR400 speeds. you may be able to get it to run at higher speeds by loosening the timings or raising the RAM voltage.

    be careful with voltages because that is how you will fry your components. before you raise any voltages, you want to find the max overclock at the default voltage, then raise it in the smallest increments possible to see if it stabilizes it. but don't raise it too high unless you're willing to buy a new CPU ;)

    cheers :wave:
  8. hynesy

    hynesy TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 389

    thanks for the replies. I was wondering how to find my exact processor type. Its a pentium 4 3.0ghz is there anyway to tell is its prescott or etc.
  9. Mirob

    Mirob TechSpot Paladin Posts: 476

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