Overheated CPU (fixed added big fan) now have a little Graffix distortion

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Oct 16, 2005
  1. Ok here it goes I have:
    4000+ 64 bit 939
    2 gb pc 3200 ram
    Fatal1ty a8n SLI motherboard
    2 BFG GeForce 7800 GT OC
    600w power supply
    Windows XP pro

    When I added 2nd GPU(7800gt oc) my CPU ran up to 85 degrees and systen shut down couple times next day replaced CPU fan (BIG ONE) and now when I play games(doom3, HL2 ect) I get a little distortion running up and down screen at all resolutions and hertz. So my question is do I need to replace Processor, ram or motherboard? I checked each GPU card individually and the same distortion occured for each card separatly and in sli mode and the BFG tech said it wasnt the graffix cards that it was either CPU, RAM or motherboard causing the problem can someone please let me know what damage is most likely caused by overheated CPU.
    Thank You Kindly
  2. AtK SpAdE

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    well distortion can be caused by alot of things. so i have a few question to help clear things up.
    1. What brand is that PSU? your going to need alot of power for that rig, and a generic PSU will not support it. A lackluster PSU can easily cause flaky graphics.
    2. ALthough i dobut it is the RAM, do you have any subsitute sticks you could use as a test.
    3. And how long was the CPU at 85C? I mean you operate for days/weeks? I dont think one episode of a 85 temp will do too much damage.

    But i still have a feeling it is those graphics cards cards.

  3. JerseyDevil13

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    Sean, the games played smooth as can be and everything was good and set up perfect except for cooling CPU lol, distortion (very light distortion on small monitor but when I hook it up to my 50" plasma its much more noticable) came after pc shut down a couple times, and I even tried my friends GPU and had same distortion so It definatly isnt GPU. Could I have damaged the motherboard because thats what BFG tech said was most likely and maybe the Abit GURU temp monitor was turned off and CPU exceeded 85+ degrees when i didnt have proper cooling for CPU , and I just ran a RAM check with check it daignostics and allocation errors came up but I dont know if that means anything.
    Thank You Kindy
    I dont have extra ram to test is there any software to diagnose these type of problems because I know most people wouldnt notice unless playing games otherwise the pc is working fast and perfectly.
  4. AtK SpAdE

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    There is a nice utility for checking ram..and it can be found here let it rune through a few passes. (you might want to do this while your out or something, as it does take awhile)

    Well if you tried another card, then i suppose the slot could be damaged. I still dont think you did damage to your CPU, but i could be wrong. Try the Memtest and post back.

    G' Luck

  5. JerseyDevil13

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    Thanks for your help I couldnt figure out how to open and use memtest so I guess I will drop it off at compusa in morning system is still under store warranty so ill let them figure it out, but your the second person who said the slot is probably damaged.
    Thank You Kindly
  6. JerseyDevil13

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    Problem Solved no Damage :)


    Well when I reinstalled the games I forgot to Turn on Vertical Sync in Game Settings because I am new to SLI and hopefully this thread will save someone a lot of time in the future. lol
    Thanks again Sean!
    No hardware damage CPU, Memory and Motherboard OK
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