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Jan 26, 2009
  1. Ok now i have a major problem with my pc. When playing graphically hungry games (like cod5, bioshock...) the video card overheats (an educated guess) and the hardware starts making a beep sound (meaning the sound comes from the case, not the speakers.). I have downloaded speedfan to see the temperature values my pc goes through, and got these results:
    Right now :
    Sys : 28C CPU:33C AUX: 35C Local: 28C
    Remote :(40-45)C (changing in between) HD0:29C Core:31C
    While gaming, the rest are same, remote becomes 52-53 when the beeeeping starts. (it's one long beep)
    I use ATI, so i have catalyst control center too; it says my current temperature (while doing absolutely nothing graphically speaking) is 80C tho. Why are these two inconsistent?
    If and when i play too long with the beeping sound coming, the computer shuts down without a warning (like an electric failure) and there is a blinking light (which should mean it's in like a sleep mode) and if i don't shut it manually (pressing the power button for a long time or pulling the plug), i can't open the computer. Today this changed for a reason i don't know, the computer doesn't just shut down in a split second but it closes all my programs and shuts down (like it would do if i did a manual command of "start - shut down")
    Don't start telling me to buy a new fan, i already want to do that but the computer is fairly new and it's guarantee will be cancelled if i dislocate any of it's members. i use the case open though, as it is stated not to be a cancelling reason.
    Lastly, I use my ventilator (yeah the big ones used to ventilate rooms) to cool the pc too, it is faced forward my video card (from like 1.5 feet away) and when it is used in like highest speed, it succeeds to maintain the temperature of the video card low enough for me to play any given game for a good 10 minutes. Then the beeping... (Necessity is the mother of invention anyway...)

    Ok, any methods to cool my video card down or the info if the card is starting to beep too early (that is if you think it starts beeping at too low temperatures to be dangerous to the hardware) and how to fix that would be appreciated.

  2. hellokitty[hk]

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    This is strange, your card is highly overheating if the temperature is around 80C, and shutting down with intense gaming and such i suspect your analysis is right...your graphics card is probably overheating.

    I don't know if the ATI control center is able to do this, but turn your fan speed up higher, if your fan speed is low, then thats probably your issue.

    If ATI catalyst can't, use ATI tool instead.
  3. red1776

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    Hey Emre,
    is your card overclocked? 80c is a high idle temp, but do you have a reading during gaming? also part of this sounds like a PSU possibly going awry. can you post temps? I would not put too much stock in speedfan as a temp monitor, lots of folks get readings that are different than all the other temp monitor programs out there...ie real temp, core temp , monitoring HWmonitor etc. you might try donwloading this and see what it says.
  4. Mustang1

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    ati (amd)

    my mates bought the ati 2gig vid card they were having the same problem with cod5 they fixed there problem with a big fan on vid card amd do have overheating problems at times peter
  5. ZaUcY

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    dude that sucks.... i'd recommend what the last guy said and buying an after market heatsink and fan. which video card do you have?
  6. mailpup

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    If it's still under warranty, why don't you take it back to have it fixed?
  7. ZaUcY

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    yeah seriously you should do that.... and if they wont fix it then the warrinty's worth nothing so you might as well get a new fan. But if they dont replace that then thats unreal because idiling at 80 degrees is UNREAL! i dont even get close to that at full load.
  8. Mustang1

    Mustang1 TS Rookie


    do what mailpup says take it back but putting a fan in it to keep it cool wont affect your warrenty if they say it does go to consumer affairs then they will fix it for you
  9. N1nJa

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    First off, see if warinty covers it, if not go to somewhere like Bestbuy and buy a PC cooling fan, install inside the CPU [[[ most likely by the video card]] and try it, if it doesnt help, return the fan
  10. mailpup

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    Just a note to everyone, please note the OP appears to be from Turkey so some advice that would work most of the time may not work for him.
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