p4p800s-x wont get to bios.

By tchiseen
Jul 20, 2005
  1. i recently tried installing a new harddrive, a sata, and it worked fine, now, my computer wont boot. it goes as far as 'checkin NVRAM' before it even gets to checking the harddrives. it hangs here. however, if i hit delete before it gets to the nvram check, it responds. once it hangs, the keyboard and mouse is unresponsive. im really stumped. sometimes, it beeps and tells me my 9800xt isnt powered. this has been going on for a while, however, last night, it turned on, did the memory check,said 1024mb ok, and went into windows, ran fine. i rebooted and it hangs.

    PLEASE give me suggestions. i've tried unplugging/plugging all the hd's i have, 2ide and 1sata, tried swapping/removing ram. please help.

    for more into on how this happened see https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic28965.html
  2. davids

    davids TS Rookie Posts: 96

    Sounds like it could either be the power supply not coping or to hot? Have you tryed taking everything off - all hard drives memory and cards, then try it, then put each thing back on one by one, starting with 1 memory stick. then you might get some idea of where the problem is.
  3. tchiseen

    tchiseen TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 45

    thank you davids for the advice. i will give it a go. I'll start with just the graphics card and 1 stick of ram.

    edit - OKAAAY. so i unplugged everything, and it went to bios, and said somthing about an overclock not working, so i think that miiight have had somthign to do with it. i've unplugged my cd drives, all im running now is the sata drive. i've got 2 sticks of ram in. the performance, as far as i can tell, has degraded significantly. the first time i booted with 1 dvd drive and the sata drive i got into bios, saw and configured the sata drive, and tried to boot, but by the time it got to boot, the sata drive was gone. i unplugged the cd drive and the first time i tried to boot i got past bios and it said 'there was a disk read error hit strl alt del' so i did, and then it just booted, and now im in windows.

    the temps are all v. low. the hd is at 23 C, cpu gpu, its all good. so i think it's a power issue. okay, so am i crazy, or did my power supply lose power, cause before, it was sweet. what's going on? im about to try replugging all my usb devices and seeing if i can make it crash. i've got a decent PSU, i upgraded last year, i got a coolermaster cavalier with the stock PSU in it, i was sold this being told i needed to upgrade my psu. it solved a problem before. maybe my system is too beefy, and i need a fatty psu?

    it shouldnt be the power, because i had everything working before, all 3 hds, etc, and it ran fine.
    or maybe my psu is losing power? can it do that? HELP!

    anyone else have any suggestions, please let me know. thank you all.
  4. tchiseen

    tchiseen TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 45

    i fixed it. i unplugged a USB port i had in the back and it works peachy.

    only one problem now... and BOY is it weird.

    every morning when i turn my computer on... it posts... gets past bios... and before it can load xp startup screen, it says 'a disk read error occured, it ctrl alt del to restart'.
    it does it more often on cold mornings, and less often when i blast my heater before i turn it on. is my computer like my car? does it need to warm up in the mornings? sometimes i have to turn the proverbial key a few times, but after a while, it always starts up fine and runs all day! talk about weird!! lemme know what you think!
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