P4S800 no display and beep code

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I have a an Asus p4s800 mobo, i carried it downstairs then back up and plugged it back in and the screen was blank and it had one long beep then repeated forever. I checked the graphics card and put it back in place. I unpluged everything from the mobo and it beeped 1 long and 3 short. When it is unpluged and pluged back in it doesnt beep,but still no display. but after your restart it has no display and beeps. I took everything out and put it back in place and still is doing it, any ideas?
anyone know what these beep codes could mean, i have no clue what the bios are since you cant get ANY display not even bios.
I also checked the power supply, no problem there.
Thanks in advance for any help!
P4 2.6 HT
1280 mb ram
2 hardrives (primary 160 secondary 110)
sony dvd burner
hitachi cd burner
Antec 430w PSU
nivida 64mb 8x graphics card
Windows XP home


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this might be the motherboard. i have a p4p800 E, which is a similar board and the chipset on mine fried when i plugged in a camera via usb and i was forced to RMA it


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Remove your RAM and clean off the contacts with an eraser, reinsert.
Repeat with your video card.
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