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Apr 24, 2009
  1. Hi all,
    I would like some input from the more learned in the room. Since DDR2 is so cheap, and as someone else in here put it, my enthusiast OCD wont let there be empty dimms on my board, I filled er up with 8GB of OCZ. and 4gb of it is pretty much useless. a while back i read up on turning off the page file. its a strange subject as experts seem to be split on weather this is a good idea or not. from what i can tell the page file is an antiquated relic,like memory mapped IO reservations, from when 64mb was a lot of ram. does anyone have any experience with this? , and know how to use it to increase performance? would like to hear from you. thanks
  2. jobeard

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    modern system use pagefiles!

    in fact, the whole system uses the model
    program ---> accesses Virtual Memory <---> real memory
    This allows large programs to run even when there is only a limited amount of real RAM on the platform.

    Using multiple programming model then allows many programs to use the VM
    at the expense of stealing memory pages from other programs which are currently not active.

    Unless you have x64 hardware, that 8gb is fruitless and XP will limit the effective use to something between 3-4gb.

    Don't out smart yourself nor swim up-stream -- just go with the flow and be happy :)
  3. red1776

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    thanks for the replyJobeard,
    I do have X64 hardware and os, thus all 8gb is available. i said that 4gb is useless because I cant seem to find anything that will use more than 4 gb. that flow chart you put up there is what i am talking about where experts disagree. I shut off my pagefile on my 32bit XP system (4gb-3gb useable) for six months and did not ever have a problem, in fact noticed a performance boost. and I was running Crysis and the like during that time. the only time i ever had a problem was using Google earth and its monumental memory leak....but I had the same problem with the pagefile on.
    how VM and Ram work together is where the opinions differ when i have been researching this. if you remove the Vm from the loop it seems you create your own hyper transport of sorts. other than possibly losing some diagnostic info occasionally, what would the downside be?
    and I am happy....just having fun tweaking :)
  4. jobeard

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    with the large ram installed, the size of the pagefile should be 2x and fixed, not containing different values for min-max.

    running w/o VM is called V=R (Virtual equals Real) environment and is frequently used for Realtime Systems work (hint: windows is not realtime)

    Yes, it will improve system performance for one program without real benchmarking tools to perform measurements, but when you run many applications at the same time, things will go wrong.

    you choose the experts to which you wish to listen -- I've been in the business for 37 years. You asked so I replied. I don't wish to argue so I'm electing to disengage from this subject.
  5. red1776

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    thats why i asked.....i thought there would be as i said 'very lerned people' in here, where you got the idea i wanted to do anything but learn from your experience(much less argue) is beyond me. seriously, are you for real with that attitude?

    have a great day
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