Paid Twitter rival hits $500,000 funding goal

Shawn Knight

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Crowd-sourced social platform has surpassed their goal of raising $500,000 just two days before reaching the end of their campaign thanks to one final push from sponsors. The company currently has nearly 11,000 backers that have donated $700,000+ during…

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I don't tweet, so I'm not going to pay for something I don't do in the first place.


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Thanks for the worthless comment, Guest. I'll follow it up with this worthless comment pointing out your worthlessness.


If they're offering greater (or even perfect) privacy then it sounds like a great initiative. Privacy from network advertising companies and really ANY third party is worth paying for. Fastmail, for example, does the same thing for webmail services (of course, you could buy your own domain and do the same thing)


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As someone else said of Spotify and other paid music streamers, they're competing with Free. I'm amazed at how many people thought that's a good business strategy. Aside from Twitter's general cheeziness, how many people will really want to pay to post their impulsive comments or the minutiae of their days? I don't get the appeal. OTOH, Twitter appeals to me about the same as a dose of clap, so no doubt I'm missing something here.


People will actually PAY to post more "tweet-like" nonsense? $50 bucks a year? I guess I just don't get it. Although I could never get into the whole fakebook and twit thing anyway. Man, people must have money to burn. Kinda crazy.