Partition Problems on Xp

By slimmatt
Jan 8, 2006
  1. Hello

    i have a compaq ap something that runs xp. it was running from a 20 gig scsi drive that i had put into 2 partitions. i tried putting a second 20 gig scsi drive on to the pc, without really thinking about routers etc and obviousley nothing worked. i decided to just try and get my original hdd up and running again..... heres the problem.

    my original drive can be seen by the adaptec scsi utility, it can be picked up by my bios etc, which makes me think that the cables are fine. when it tries to boot in gets PXE - E61 error message.

    i have booted up from a system disk, and from the command promp i can access c: . however this appears to be my old d: - ie my second partition.

    how do i go about "finding" my original partition - the one with windows XP on?

    pls let me know if theres more information needed!


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