Partitioning problem

By jasonw0w
Jan 12, 2009
  1. So I was recently trying to repartition my hard drive, reformat, and install windows. My drive is a 300GB Seagate Barracuda. Before the reformat and repartition I had two partitions on my hard drive. 250GB allocated to windows (C:) and 50GB (E:) which used to be a linux install but I changed into just another NTFS partition. I backed several files up on this partition.

    The format that I wanted for my new setup was a 25GB System only partition (C:) which would only contain windows. Followed by a 100GB (G:) partition for program files. And finally a 175GB (D:) partition at the end of the drive for data. They would be in the order on the drive as I just described them with the system partition (C:), then the program files next (G:), and finally the data partition with the remainder. (D:)

    So here is my issue. When I went to reinstall windows I first delete the old C: partition freeing up 250GB of unused space. I then partitioned out the first two new partitions out of that unallocated space. I made the new C: partition first (25GB) and then G: partition next (100GB) for a total of 125 GB of partitioned space. This leaves 125GB unallocated and 50GB in the old E: backup partition. My plan was to transfer the data from the backup partition E: to the new program file partition G: temporarly so I could combine the 125GB of unallocated space with the backup partition space to get the 175GB final partition I wanted.

    Instead when I deleted the old C: windows made this an extended partition and made the new G: a logical drive. Somewhere, in there the backup partition became the "System partition" (the one with the boot info). So what I finally ended up with is this:

    Which is not what I wanted. Windows won't allow me to delete and combine the 50GB partition because setup decided to make it the System partition. Ideally I just want three normal partitions with the C: partition being both the system and boot partition. Is there a way I can do this while keeping that 50GB backed up on the backup partition? If I run windows setup again what steps do I need to do to make the C: partition the boot partition and the system partition. How did it end up like this in the first place? Is there any disadvantage to having the system and boot partitions be the same partition? I don't want it to make an extended partition again. How do I prevent windows from doing that?
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