Passwords to QuickBooks workbook files... suddenly not working? (I hate QuickBooks!)


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Okay, so all I did was move the quickbooks workbook file from my local hard disk drive, to the network attached storage drive, and now I suddenly can't log in.

More specifically, the limited username and password works, but I set that up AFTER moving the file...

Unfortunately, this is a limited user, so it cannot access everything... otherwise there wouldn't really be much of a problem.

So my question is, did I accidentally lose some file or something when I moved the quickbooks workbook file? Or is this some sort of horrible malfunction? I'm really not familiar with the software and have little to no understanding of it's permissions and how it stores it's different 'users' for each workbook, etc.

I'm about 2 minutes away from panicking here, because this quickbooks file is quite important, and we need to get back into it.


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I don't really know the answer but can you move the file back to your hard drive and see if it will accept your password then?


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I will be trying that in the morning actually, and if that doesn't work, I will just simply try recovering all the files that were deleted off the original computer and try them. Hopefully if I just recover the previous versions of the file before we moved it, it will accept the password.

In any case, hopefully this will work but I would still love for someone to explain quickbooks permissions to me... they don't seem to make all that much sense.

Thanks guys.