PAX West is still happening as an in-person event, tickets go on sale soon

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In brief: Organizers of the PAX gaming expo have reaffirmed their commitment to hold an in-person event later this year, but first we’ve got a virtual gathering scheduled for next month.

Penny Arcade and ReedPop, if you recall, had to pull the plug on PAX East earlier this year due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. That event was originally scheduled for June 3 – 6, but instead, organizers opted to bring back PAX Online.

Assuming nothing changes, the virtual event will start on July 15 and run through the 18th.

Looking ahead into the not-too-distant future, organizers are still preparing to hold PAX West later this summer. Badges for the event, which is to be held September 3 – 6 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, are expected to go on sale in the next two weeks. Pricing for a four-day badge will be set at $230, or you can pick up individual day passes for $60 each. Journalists, streamers and YouTubers will be able to apply for badges later this month.

While it will be an in-person event, we’re told that crowd capacity will be reduced to ensure a safe setting. Detailed health and safety guidelines will be published as the event date nears.

Would you consider attending an in-person expo like PAX West, or would you prefer to continue playing the waiting game and let the pandemic blow over a bit more?

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This is stupidly dangerous: there's a lot of people who are refusing vaccination and it could end up with people dying, even if the risk are lowered with lots of vaccinated people there won't be sufficient herd immunity by September and a massively crowded event like this is the worst case scenario: just because some restaurants or office jobs have resumed activities doesn't means something like concerts or conventions in closed spaces are a good idea at all.