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By dummy61
Mar 31, 2008
  1. Things have been happen on my pc even now trying to send this this is my second attempt, I cannot get on my safe mode, the virtual memory is down, so I went to find out why, I read it the web it tells you to go on the task manager, I tried and it said only adminitrator allowed, this is my home pc its just for browsing and playing games there is nothing important on it.

    I have never had a password, and no one else has been on it as I am awhere, anyway I went on to user accounts and I found 2 other people as well as me, the first one I deleted it which now I know I should have not because I think that was the adminstrator the person that has done this, the second one was a guest which only allowed me to turn it off.

    With me thinking I had got my rights back to my pc I tried the task manager it still did not let me on.

    So can anyone out there tell me what and how this had been done to my pc and if anything I can get control of it back.

    Many thanks
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    Just a thought but normally if your user account is the only 1 on the system i thought it would automatically give you a pop-up screen to make your account the administrator if it isn't already.

    Also the first account you deleted can't have been the only administrator account if you don't have the right privileges with your account you can't delete other accounts thats assuming that you are using a limited user account only an administrator can delete all type of accounts on the system.
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