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PC been freezing for 1 year now.

By MinorityMe86 · 51 replies
Aug 4, 2010
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  1. MinorityMe86

    MinorityMe86 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    PC just froze up during gameplay...

    I readjusted the clock settings to [linked], however, the only way to adjust the DDR MHz is to increase the FSB MHz, Should I increase the FSB MHz until the DDR MHz matches 1333 MHz?

    I also adjusted the mem voltage to 1375v down from 1.80v


    Should I manually adjust the memory clock/ voltage settings to 6-6-6-20 @1.75v / 1333MHz?
  2. Sharam

    Sharam TS Rookie Posts: 509

    If not stable, load the defaults, leave everything to Auto and just change your general preferences for now.

    FSB should remain at 1333MHz

    At this time, with me not having an exact reference to your BIOS screen, best is to try OCZ Forum. You can even step back to where it was running OK before the RAM to 1333MHz, which is preferred but needs other minor adjustments to run stable.

    EDIT, if it crashed with slower timing, faster will not be any better, I'm sure you will be able to run FSB and RAM at 1333MHz with proper settings from the OCZ Forum

    EDIT 2:

    Reading over the thread I noticed you never said if you tried running with 2 modules! The reason I ask is with 8GB if one of the modules is faulty, it might not show right away depending on when the faulty region is accessed, under normal load it might get accessed at times causing problems, heavy load sooner, one way to find out is to check the modules either in pair or a single module at a time with Memtest.

    System might boot and load the OS with one faulty module mixed in with another or in your case with 3 others but refuse to boot or load OS alone by itself. This might also explain why running at 1333MHz caused problems … thinking out loud.

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