PC Bootup, nothing happens but power on!

By jammy_gee
Aug 31, 2006
  1. Hi I'm new to techspot , my name is james and i have a problem, my friend has asked me to look at a his PC he told me he was using it one day and then it just shut off, when we power it up again the fan just spins (CPU Fan) and nothing happenes, usually the fan slows down, quitens down then the pc proceeds to boot up, its a ecs motherbaord with a AMD 64 athlon CPU, i did remove the cpu then replaced it powered up and it worked fine and now it seems to be doing the same thing, Could anyone help? please and guidance would be greatfull thanks :grinthumb
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  3. jammy_gee

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    thank you

    thats great thanks for the reply, I noticed i tried almost
    evrything on that thread apart from the memory test so i will give that a try, thanks again for the reply and the thread link.

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