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PC crashing randomly

By cerverus
Apr 6, 2007
  1. My PC is crashing since Nov-2006, it's a random crash, from 2 to 6 times a day, it happens most of the time when I'm playing Everquest 2 or also when I send a job to my printer (Canon) and sometimes when im using Photoshop, I used this problem as an excuse to upgrade a little bit my system, so while I was trying to fix this problem I proceed to change :

    1.-My processor....Pent4> 3.0GHZ by Pent D >3.4GHZ
    2.-Motherboard Abit V7 for ECS P4M800PROM (VIA 8237)
    3.-Video card Nvidia FX5200 by Nvidia FX5500 (256Kbs)
    4.-HDD SATA1-200Gbs by Western Digital SATA2-160Gbs
    5.-SATA, IDE, and the rest of the cables thag i found
    6.-450Watts PSU by a 550Watts PSU
    7.-DDR Memory for DDR2 Memory
    8.-I Reload my Windows XP Pro on the new HDD and i have all the last patches from microsoft

    The error code that I see on the blue screen when it crash is...:
    and then the memory starts a dumping process counting up to 100 I think and starting form 0

    I'm not able to identify which is exactly my problem and even Microsoft was unable to help me cause they didnt know, they only have a very generic or wide open answer. I check temperatures and my HDD is running at 114 F (46 Cent ) and the Processor at 60 Cent degrees

    I ran diagnostic software "CheckIt" a utility that comes in the Norton package, anfd CPU, HDD, Memory, graphics, etc everything is working fine, Please help i don't know what else to change or do, the only thing that i keep from my old PC, is de DVD burner, but its working fine, so please help!!

    I forgot, I also run a checkdisk /f and /r from DOS for the HDD, and well it keeps crashing
    I also check under device manager and I dont have any conflict
    My memories are identical, and Kingston brand.

    Thanks in advance ofr your help :)
  2. Bill_Bright

    Bill_Bright TS Rookie Posts: 21


    Wow, it sure seems like you have done everything - you changed motherboards, RAM, video, HDs, PSUs, and the CPU and the problem still occurs? There's nothing left but the case - are you ensuring you have plenty of front-to-back air flow? Are you sure you do not have any extra motherboard stand-offs (those brass screws that screw into the case, that then are used to mount the motherboard) under the board causing problems?

    Although 60°C for the CPU is where I start to get a little nervous, it should not be causing your problems, as long as those temps are when the system is being pushed.

    Although I would not expect dirty power to give you those errors, but since there's just not much left to be causing this, have you tried running off a good UPS with AVR (automatic voltage regulation)? If you live in an apartment, or some place where you are not getting good stable power, if nothing else, the UPS will clean that up - which is good anyway.

    You might try pulling all unnecessary hardware - opticals, extra HDs, all but one stick of RAM, USB devices, etc. and try running like that for awhile - especially anything that came from your old system.
  3. cerverus

    cerverus TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 29

    Thanks Bill :) I found something else

    My Pc is running at 95 to 100 Cent degress when im playing EQ2 that also is when the PC crash most of the times.
    I reassembled with new thermal compound and still the same temp on the cpu.
    I have 1.0 Gbs only in memory, I don't know if this is too low and probably causing this problem. My Fan and Heatsink unit is a branded and big one (cool master), not the original.
    What could be causing the overheating?
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