PC locks-up when opening .exe file over network

By rr7564
Jan 18, 2007
  1. I have a couple computers in an office that randomly locks-up when clicking on a link to a program on the server. Workstations are Windows 2000 SP4 and file server is Windows XP Pro SP2. They do not lockup every time but when they do I manually restart pc it will usually lockup several more times tring to open program and then will eventually start working again and might run fine for several days. I checked in the event viewer and there is never anything refering to the actual lockup. One event I notice keeps coming up is Event ID: 11151
    Source: DNSAPI
    "The cause of the DNS registration failure was because of DNS server failure. This may be due to a zone transfer that has locked the DNS server for the applicable zone that your computer needs to register itself with."

    These two workstations used to be on a domain network and I removed them from the domain and set them up on the current workgroup. It is like it still thinks it is on the domain, locking for DNS server.

    Thanks for any help.
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