PC restarts after gaming for a while

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May 7, 2008
  1. I realised tat when i game without turnin on the air-con, my com tends to like to restart itself after around 30mins of assassin's creed/gears of war. when i turn on the air-con,it can last for hours. So is it a heat issue?My CPU temp is normally around 55-60degC when gamin and GPU 65-70degC. Is that considered sooo hot that the pc have to restart itself so as to protect my cpmputer components?
  2. blankerkid

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    Way too hot, consider buying a VGA cooler and a better CPU cooler. When its to high your computer may restart
  3. CMH

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    CPU temps are a little on the high side. Depending on which CPU you have, the max operating temps can be much higher than that.

    Same goes for GPU. Some GPUs have a normal running temp of 90C.

    However, it does sound like a heat issue, but may not necessarily be CPU or GPU. What kind of power supply do you have? An overheating power supply may be causing the problem as well, especially if it is a low wattage one. I'd suggest putting up the your computer's full spec....
  4. batigoal

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    erm i do have my com specs here but my bad for not saying my psu. anyway it's Antec's Earthwatts 500Watts. Hmmm, i guess maybe it doesn't matter how high my cpu can take the heat (the E8400 can endure up to 110degC if i'm not wrong) as it restarts itself when it reaches around 60degC or so.. Oh ok i'm considering getting a cooler but have no idea which to.. Gonna do more research on that.
  5. CMH

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    If you're gonna get a cooler anyway, might as well wait till you install the new cooler before trying to figure out what else may be wrong.

    Whats your budget on that cooler anyway? Some people might have some suggestions....
  6. batigoal

    batigoal TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 58

    Hmm i have no idea how much the cooler costs so i cant give a budget...hopefully i can get a good one at $50 to $70. I think it's most probably the heat problem so i'm gonna install the cooler first then we'll see what happens =D
  7. CMH

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    You can get some really good coolers at that price. I'm not sure, see if you can get a Tuniq Tower for that. Its among the best coolers out there right now.

    If thats out of the budget, I'm sure the Thermaltake Big Typhoon is within budget. My second choice.

    Anything smaller than these probably isn't worth looking at if they cost the same. Personally, I'd say stay away from the Gemin II.
  8. batigoal

    batigoal TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 58

    Thanks for the great advice CMH. I will try to look for the market price of the Tuniq Tower. However, from the pictures i saw it looks quite big! So it fits onto the CPU or GPU? Coz for now i think a GPU cooler is of more urgency as it's hotter than the CPU (70degC vs. 60degC).
  9. CMH

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    GPUs tend to run hotter than CPUs. Depending on what GPU you got there, the CPU might be the one needing more cooling atm.

    But yes, all I've mentioned so far are CPU coolers. GPU coolers tend to be more specific in type (fits certain cards). There are some one-size-fits-all ones too. General rule: the bigger they are, the better they get at cooling. Of course, this gets tricky if you've got alot of other PCI or PCIe cards installed. Or SLI.

    Haven't looked at those for awhile. I personally use the Thermalright HR-03. Its the biggest out there, but other smaller ones may do the job for you. Bear in mind, with a fan, it takes an extra 2 slots, making your graphics card a 3-slot card.
  10. batigoal

    batigoal TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 58

    wooo i see. very informative. the bigger the better..got it. hmm i've currently only the 8800GT installed and other PCI PCIe SLI (if any) slots are not in use so it wont be a problem, i guess. So it might be the cpu needing more attention than the gpu?hmm i'm not sure bout tat but judging from the current situation and some reviews i read, the 8800GT has a built in crap fan so i have to solve tat one first haha. For the GPU cooler maybe i can post a new thread asking people wad's the most suitable one coz i have no firggin idea haha. thanks for your help again CMH!
  11. batigoal

    batigoal TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 58

    Hey guys i just found a video on the youtube that shows the exact same problem i am facing..here's the webby http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVOh3CcutX8
    The person who posted that video said that the problem is solved and that it's the cause of the mobo which apparently is defective...I hope this can help some of those facing the same problem as me.
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