PC shuts down after 10 to 30 min

By dragonzeye
Mar 6, 2009
  1. gigabyte k8nspro mobo i had disconnected all devices from the pc except keyboard and mouse ran long enough for me to deleét partitions o f xpawesome and windows 7 i boot from a new external usb lg supermulti dvd writer and tried to reinstall windows any version yet stitl shuts down after 10 min so i have no os atm never got a blue screen removed the cover and place a giant house fan to blow inside to eliminate any possibilities of heat issues ido notice my bios settings revert to default boot settings i even disconnected my seagate sata tb hard drive and removed the cmos battery for bout an hour and reinstalled still won stay on long enough to install a os its difficult typing with a ps3 keyboard lol help!!!!
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    What kind of power supply do you have? We need to know how much ram, and your other pc specs.. Those are most important.
  3. dragonzeye

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    1.5 gig Ram ocz enermax 12v 460 watts athlon 64 clawhammer
  4. dragonzeye

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    i did it!!

    it was between either me changing my cmos battery securing connctions and removing my processors fan and the others and cleaning the heat sink and the fan blades etc.. all is well once again and all my dvd drives are working :D
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