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PC shuts off sporadically

By lukesheldon
Mar 1, 2014
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  1. Often while I have been using my PC (this started about 2 weeks ago) it would just power off without warning. Then it would boot itself back up, usually failing ,meaning I would have to power off at the mains and wait, and it would work fine for a bit after that.

    It is happening dangerously more often now, and I really need help. I have no major viruses, nor it is an overheat issue. Also, it doesn't seem to have this issue on Safe Mode for some reason ,if that helps. I am rushing this thread typing so that it is finished before it shuts off again. Cant give specs atm, will do when I can safely pull them up. Please help!
  2. hood6558

    hood6558 TS Addict Posts: 270   +67

    When a RAM module goes bad it will have these symptoms, had the exact same problem on a Z68/i5-2500K system I built for my cousin. Gradually it got worse, and when I finally checked it out, Windows popped a message up about memory problems and directed me to Windows Memory Test, where failures were shown within a few minutes. Removed 1 stick, and it booted right up and passed all tests (I got lucky on the first try). First you might try just re-seating the modules firmly, many times I've had this problem, and fixed by re-installing RAM.
    However, if all your memory modules check good, this could be a power supply problem. Did you recently install any new hardware, a hard drive, more fans, anything? If your PSU was marginal, new hardware could be over-taxing it, or perhaps it's just failing/old/cheap? Post your specs when you can and we'll try to narrow it down.

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