PC Turns Off after first POST beep

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Feb 28, 2006
  1. Let me start off here... XP Pro, 2.8G, 1Gig RAM, 5 year old E-machine which mother board I've replaced since then.

    Two days ago my computer wasn't working and gave me a Unmountable STOP Error blue screen. So I fixed that by repairing my Master boot record, but after that I had my computer up and running. So I took this time to defrag my computer, so I left to work while it was defraging when I came back I turned on the monitor to see if it was done(which it should have been by that time several hours later) and found my computer off altogether. So I started checking a few things and when I turned on my computer my monitor would not get a signal and it would give me three POST beeps about 3 seconds long each, but the CPU Fan would come on and my hard drives sounded like they were working and the PSU fan would come on. So I figured it was my CPU that over heated or shorted out, I had in the past never had luck with my mother board. Then I went and got another CPU and replaced it in my computer re hooked everything back up and turned it on it sounded like it was working but again I got one POST beep and then my computer will turn off. And again the monitor would not get a signal for the 5 seconds total its on, after thinking about it I'm thinking that it might be a PSU issue but I will have to wait till I get another one to test it out.

    If any one has any suggestions about my perdiciment I would love to hear it, and I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough in the issue(I hate it to when people tell me about there computers and they don't know what there talking about)

    Thanks again to any one that can help.
  2. Raven Master

    Raven Master TS Rookie

    The 3 beeps at post sounds to me like bad memory stick...you might want to check that out next

    Raven Master
  3. KingCody

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    beep codes are not universal. Different boards and BIOS's use different beep codes.

    You mentioned that you changed the motherboard... did you replace it with the same e-Machine mobo (if so, what model e-Machine is it) or did you buy and aftermarket mobo (and if so, what brand and model#)?
  4. Raven Master

    Raven Master TS Rookie

    I wasnt implying that they are all the same but if he already replaced the Motherboard and the PSU and still was getting the 3 beeps that would be the next logical step.. as he didnt state if he checked that or not ... and it has been my experience that 3 beeps has usually been ram errors.
  5. KingCody

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    1.) he never specified which motherboard gave him the 3 beeps
    2.) his current board with new CPU now gives him 1 beep, not 3 beeps
    3.) he never changed the PSU

    so "the next logical step" would be as I said before, to goto the mobo manufacturer's website and find out what the beep codes indicate
  6. pcrepairs247

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    graphics card??

    ok, instead of listening to them 2 argue, u wanna start checking things like

    swapping ur memory around,tryin other mem in to c if it boots.

    restore bios defaults

    make sure memory/g cards/hard drive are all connected propperly.

    i have had this problem b4 when building a pc, i can remeber them 3 horrible beebs. and it was cause i had someting in the wrong place. yet your pc was running fine b4.hhmmmm

    this is a tricky one, just check everything is in place propperly.oh, and also check your motherboard battery, that might be low.

    the only other thing i can think of is there are to power connectors 4rm ur atx unit to the motherboard. make sure they are both in as low power could be a problem.

    i will ask my friends about this problem you have, i wouldnt stress tho coz sum 1 will tell you sooner or l8r
  7. slickawolf

    slickawolf TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Figured out!!!!

    Okay it took me forever to figure out but I finally did and it wasn't what I expected at all.

    So after trouble shooting everything yall advised me on nothing would work, so I took my computer to a friends house so he could take a look at it. While transporting it to his house I heard some rattling on the in side of the case, so after some shaking and coercing the computer case a very very small screw fell out. I finally found out that the screw was to my Video card heatsink and that my video card was fried apparently after the screw sat on my card for more then a week or just over heating. I'm assuming that my Logitech 2.1 speakers subwoofer sitting next to my computer for such a long time and playing my speakers with high end bass output set to the max it might have shaken loose the screw.(boy do I feel stupid)

    But thanks for all your help guys
  8. Tedster

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    you're lucky the board isn't fried with a loose screw.
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