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PC Won't Connect To Router

By dexterb07
Jan 5, 2014
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  1. HELP! Today my computer refuses to connect to the internet.

    Acer PC running Windows xp-sp2
    Router is Belkin n150 f9k1009v1

    If I connect my cable modem directly to my PC I can access the internet without any problem. (modem is fine)
    If I connect the router to my laptop, all lights blink and I can access it with (router/data cable fine)

    but as soon as I run it with my pc and router, I can no longer reach the internet, neither can I access , it just cannot find it.

    So here is what I tried..

    Rebooting the router and PC many times
    Did hard reset 2-3 times

    So basically all of a sudden my PC refuses to see the router that is plugged into it.

    I am not at all a tech savvy so I might sound dumb while saying this but,

    I noticed that there is only 1 ethernet card shown under network adapters and no wireless card.
    Local area connection shows only sent packets, no received packets.

    Does one need to have wireless card to use pc as access point?
    If my net was working fine before couple of days, was it because of the wireless card and now it has gone nuts for some reason?

    Any help or ideas?!

  2. TheHawk

    TheHawk TS Enthusiast Posts: 32   +9

    Hey dexterbo7. Do you see an Internet led lit on the router after it is connected then powered on?
    I assume you connect by Ethernet cable and not wirelessly. Have you ever connected wirelessly?
    If the Internet led on and you can't connect with a known good cable in either of the 4 LAN ports, it sounds to me like a router gone bad, but before I try another or trash it, I would first:

    Go to the link and download SP3,apply it and reboot

    If still no good, see if there is a firmware update for your router and apply it
  3. Coodu

    Coodu TS Booster Posts: 169   +6

    Sounds to me like this is a wireless card issue - you said in device manager that there is no wireless card under network adapters in device manager. This will be your main concern. There should be a wireless adapter device in there even if it's not connected.

    In addition, you would see an icon in the bottom right tray area which would allow you to browse and connect to wireless networks.

    Your PC requires a wireless card to access the wireless network. Something like a USB wifi adapter should do the trick, purchasable from just about any PC shop/website.

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