PC wont recognize Verizon DSL, please help.

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Feb 23, 2005
  1. First of all I would like to say hello to all the members here, my name's Omar :cool:

    Ok, heres my problem. I recently moved and got Verizon DSL for the first time at my new place, I had it previsously at my old apt. Anyway, today I was in the process of activating it and for some reason it wont connect to the account activation webpage which is the final step?? It keeps saying that a connection could not be established and to try again later. I spent 2 hrs on the phone with a tech trying everything and that got me back at square one. For some reason its not reading the DSL and I cant even "search for a modem" as a connectivity device for my ISP, not even that is finding the modem. It found my old one in the past without a problem and I think since it hasnt completed its registration, its not recognizing that its there.

    The modem is a Westell Versalink Model 327W. Can someone please shed some light on this problem, I would greatly apprteciate it. Thanks
  2. Samstoned

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    I have had lots of people complain about verizon modems
    it could be you have digital phone service I know that one will screw up the modem
    past that ,have you looked for a reset on modem (probably)
    the way I have fixed just about all these issues get a router.
    setup from the router software not verizon software
    lastly ask them for a new modem
  3. franklampard8

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    Get a username and pwd from verizon before you begin, what are the status of your lights on the modem. if dsl is solid, ok, it means your receiving the dsl signal. forget about installing software. checked your ip address by doing "ipconfig /all" in your dos prompt, and hit enter. does it see a similar number to if yes, goto IE and type in your address bar. You should get prompted for a username and password. type admin and password. next screen type admin in all 3 fields. click change than ok. click profile editor, type admin for your passwrd. click edit, type in name and pwd provided to you by verizon in the field account id, and account password. Save it, ok, than click connect. When status is up try your internet. if working goto activatemydsl.verizon.net to register. let me know what happens, i'm a verizon tech support agent with 5yrs experience.
  4. tipstir

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    Have them send out a level three tier tech to come out to your dwelling and test the lines. This should at no cost to you. Let them fix the problem or otherwise then you'll just drop the service and get something else like Cable.
  5. Tmagic650

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    have you installed all the DSL adapters on all your phone plugs?
  6. tipstir

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    DSL Filters, but I guess you have done that already since you already had the system prior dwelling.. Still think you should call them and get the level 3 tier tech in the place. When I had SBC Yahoo DSL! They came out to check the lines and signal to see why the modem didn't connect. Found out there was a problem on their end, wasn't setup correctly for the line and that's why the modem didn't connect for the phone number I was using. They're suppose to program all this at the office or wherever they do it...
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