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Dec 23, 2007
  1. I'm working with a Sony VAIO PCV-7741 computer. I think something maybe wrong with the mobo. Well, the power cable is plugged into the stock PSU (w/o an on/off switch) from a working electrical outlet. The 20+4 pin cable is plugged into the mobo and the power button 8-pin wire is also inserted into the correct "pin slot" of the mobo. Doesn't turn on. Swapped with a working PSU (w/ on/off switch) and still no go. Ram, CPU, PCI cards, indicator lights, usb, keyboard, optical drives, hard drive and wires/cables all seem to be in its proper place. Also will it make any difference, let alone relevant at all, if I only have the ram, cpu, indicator lights, PWR button wire and 20+4 pin cable inserted into the mobo while everything else is detached? Otherwise, any suggestions?
  2. pdyckman@comcas

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    Sometimes the power switch on the case will be the fault in 'no start' situations like this. Hope so. G' Luk.
  3. Tedster

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    you seem to have done all the troubleshooting. either the cpu or the mobo is bad. Install with only ram, graphics card, cpu and mobo. Start out simple. If you get a post, then you know the board is good. if not, it's on the board itself. If you get a BIOS beep, then you really know something hardware wise is bad.
  4. Stealth3si

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    I'll need it if it is the problem. The power switch on the case travels through a 20-pin connector wire. How in the world could I get a replacement w/o getting another one from the company or another similar computer? Nonetheless, I'm trying to pump power to the mobo WITHOUT the use of the power switch on the case. IOW, its wire is disconnected from the mobo and i used the PSU's power switch to give power instead of the case's power switch.
  5. Stealth3si

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    My conclusion is the mobo is dead or the power button/switch/wire is screwed. If you were me would you replace the mobo or get a new pc?
  6. ChrisLam

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    Depends on specs of your PC, and budget.
  7. Stealth3si

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    Well it's a stock Sony VAIO packaged system pVC-7741 model and nothing was changed or up-/down-graded. I'd say at least a couple of years old. And my budget depends on how much it costs for an exact duplicated mobo replacement.
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